Gothenburg does not give a single fuck about the rest of the worlds climate or seasons – out here we have rain, and lots of it. So, some indoor-clips are bound to happen every other day; this time it’s Flemming and Plankton together with Aaron Buzas from this weeks rainy-day-session at Bunkeberget Skatepark!

Best dudes around

Random Quality Goods - Team BW

Just found this pic from The Don Simon-tour in Alicante last year. This was shot on top of an abandoned building and it took about 5min before the cops showed up; and we had to explain we were only taking pictures, not destroying property. We left, and then the cops showed up at the next spot demanding to see the supposed pictures – when they saw the pics they got all hyped and asked if we wanted to shoot som pics together with them as well.

Good times!

Alexander Loren – Hardflip

Pretty damn insane that we almost forgot about this picture! Alexander Loren – Hardflip, as seen in our 2013 promo and shot by the always brilliant Daniel Loren (yeah, they’re brothers).

Should have run this as an ad in the mags, but there’s much more were this came from, so no worries!

Jamil Danielsson Leftover-Footy

Here you go folks, Jamil Danielssons leftover-footy from his part in Fugazzi, just like that! Yeah, we’re good to you…

Anyways, don’t forget to vote for Jamil as swedish Skater of the Year over att and if you’ve missed out on Fugazzi, google that shit NOW. Excellent piece of motion picture from the TMHWK-crew here in Gothenburg!